Murex is all about asymmetry and achieving the impossible. Designed by Robert Foster, the Murex light is based on the astonishing 3D spiralled forms created by molluscs. The name Murex is taken directly from a species of molluscs that make particularly beautiful shells. We believe this simple design is equally astounding as it is formed from one piece of acrylic sheet using a totally unique process recently developed by F!NK.

We try to develop innovative production processes so that we can offer new objects and designs that add to and inspire our living environment. Murex possess a simple elegance and beauty, much like the shell fragments you find on the beach — but instead of the sound of the ocean your hear when you hold a shell to your ear, the Murex emits the soft glow of light!

The globe is very easy to change and the open form of the design won’t catch insects over time and become unsightly. Murex comes in frosted white and red acrylic.


Dimensions: 700mm in length with standard 2 metre cord
Materials: Red acrylic or satin ice Plexiglas with compact fluorescent globe

Designed and made in Australia.


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