F!NK has been designing and making customised lighting for the past 14 years. Projects range from individual domestic lighting to large sculptural installations for large corporations. Each one of these projects has been designed to work succinctly with the location resulting in every client being suitably thrilled with the result.

F!NK has worked closely with a variety of architects and interior designers for restaurants, retail outlets, and large corporate foyers and offices and is familiar with all required procedures and expectations. F!NK values the challenge and that this type of work as it gives our team opportunity to create new ideas and be involved in problem solving solutions.

Some of F!NK’s projects include: the British High Commission in Canberra, Make designed objects in Melbourne and ACTEWAGL in Canberra amongst many smaller commercial and domestic installs around the country.

In 2011 F!NK was the winner of the ACT Architectural Award for Lighting and the NSW and Australian & New Zealand Award of Excellence from the IES Lighting Society.